e.GO Connect

Always connected live with your e.wave X.

e.GO Connect

Always connected live with your e.wave X.

Make your everyday life easier with the new e.GO Connect App!

Whenever and wherever you want, you have direct access to the most important data of your e.GO model. Take advantage of the exclusive content, exciting news and direct access to services that make your everyday life easier.

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Screenshot e.GO Connect App
Screenshot e.GO Connect AppScreenshot e.GO Connect AppScreenshot e.GO Connect AppScreenshot e.GO Connect App

Highlights of e.GO Connect App:

Vehicle status

An overview of all important information about your vehicle: How full was the battery again? Has the charging process been completed? And did I actually fill up the windshield wiper fluid? From now on, you can check how your e.GO model is doing remotely!

Your last ride

Don’t trust a ride you haven’t driven yourself. How long did it take me to get home from work today? How far did I actually ride in the slipstream yesterday? And will I make it to the supermarket today under 12 kWh/100km? As the first step of a comprehensive ride evaluation, you get a quick overview of the key figures of your last ride.

Vehicle finder

Your last parking position - automatically saved for you. Expired parking tickets and forgotten parking spaces in the parking garage are a thing of the past, because the e.GO Connect App remembers when and where you parked it.

Service contact

If you have any sales-related questions, feedback or suggestions, you can use the integrated contact form at any time to tell us what you’ve always wanted to say. If you have technical questions or would like to make your next service appointment, you can find the nearest service partner using the convenient area search.


As an e.GO Family member, you can stay up-to-date with the app and get quick access to exclusive news. What events are taking place near you? Which city will the e.GO Roadshow visit next? What’s the latest news from production and development? Get a little more information every day!

Battery Swap

Higher, faster, further. If you do want to use your city car for longer distances or you simply don’t have the time or possibility to charge your car, the e.GO “e.Pit” is at your disposal. In no time at all your battery will be exchanged at a service partner and you can continue your journey! Among other things, the app shows you when and where you have to replace the battery.

e.wave X Interior Overview Ultrawide Cockpit

Download e.GO Connect now and discover your e.GO in a whole new way!

Some functions of the e.GO Connect app are not available for all models. For example, connectivity services between the app and the e.GO Life are permanently disabled. Future technologies are described and final features may vary. Google Maps is a trademark of Google LLC.

You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.