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Our story begins with pioneers of e-mobility in Aachen. The team’s goal: to develop the most attractive, sustainable and durable electric vehicle. To achieve this, German technology and Italian design have come together. Together we build cars with unique design, driving fun, practical use, optimal for the city and exemplary sustainability. Cars with character. Does that suit you?

Please note that our job advertisements are only posted in german at this time. Of course, we still look forward to receiving your application.

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Open positions

Join our Team.


Step 1

Please send us your application (cover letter, resume and relevant references), ideally in PDF format, to: for jobs in Germany or to for jobs in Bulgaria.

Confirmation of receipt

Step 2

Immediately upon receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation email with the approximate processing time.

Review of your application

Step 3

After receipt, your application will be checked intensively. Please give us some time - we will contact you as soon as we have a feedback for you.

Invitation to the interview

Step 4

If your application has convinced us, you will receive an invitation to an interview. This can take place either directly in person or first virtually (MS Teams), depending on the position to be filled. The personal interview will take place at one of our two locations. The interview is usually attended by the specialist department and an HR Business Partner. You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and ask us questions. If any questions remain unanswered after the interview, you will be invited to a further interview, possibly with additional interview partners. Depending on the area for which you are applying, we will offer you a short “taster working day”.


Step 5

If you have convinced us, you will receive a confirmation by phone.

Employment contract

Step 6

If e.GO was also able to convince you, we will send you the employment contract documents and discuss them with you. If we agree, we will prepare your start with us.


Step 7

One to two weeks before you start, you will receive a welcome e-mail from us with all the important information about your first day at work. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Welcome! On your first day we will make sure that you can start quickly. Your first day usually starts with an onboarding event. There you will receive general information and the first necessary training. Afterwards, you will be introduced to your new department.

Frequently asked questions