Holistic sustainability

Welcome to the future

Holistic sustainability

Welcome to the future

The solution for sustainable mobility lies in utilizing products more and longer; not throwing them away but putting them into a renewing and reusing circle that is designed to optimize the use of resources. And that requires innovation right from the start… in product, in production and the entire eco-system that goes with it! The ultimate goal for all of us as vehicle manufacturers must be to build vehicles that are fit for purpose, designed to last with optimized re-usability characteristics. The reorientation must go beyond just the product and encompass the our way of life. Read more about our disruptive approach to sustainable mobility below.

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e.GO Life Sustainable Car

Your individual impact contribution

As an e.GO driver, you contribute to making traffic more emission-free and can thus benefit from the GHG quota and generate at least 80€ in proceeds. You can either keep the proceeds or invest them directly in sustainable projects such as in the expansion of renewable energy and thus make a real and lasting contribution to an emission-free energy transition.
We at e.GO also make our impact contribution and invest all quotas for our internal fleet in the sustainable projects of our partner fairnergy. Join us and become part of the community!
To make the process as easy as possible for you, fairnergy takes care of your application and the handling with the Federal Environment Agency as well as the companies interested in emission certificates.
Do you want to become part of the sustainable community and make your impact contribution? Then register here now. All you need is your vehicle registration document.

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e.wave X 11 kW Charging
e.GO Life Battery

The answer is a smarter not larger Battery

Our battery is perfectly designed for urban mobility. With unique design and smart features we are determined to optimize the ecological footprint across its life cycle and to reduce the exposure to the inevitable global constraints. The battery is recycled after use and given a second life as storage for renewable power systems.

e.GO Life Explosionsanimation

The innovativematerials

The high-quality polymer skin offers economic advantages in addition to its shiny colour intensity. More resistant to scratches and dent due to innovative solid-coloured and unpainted material. The raw materials used can be separated at the end of their service life and are therefore recyclable.

e.GO Life Body

The robustbody

The e.wave X is particularly robust, stiff and durable thanks to its aluminium space frame (ASF). The torsional rigidity not only increases passive safety, it also contributes significantly to the superior handling of the e.wave X. The uniqueness of the aluminium space frame make our models a unique passenger car.

e.GO Life Engine

The durableelectric motor

Our models features a permanent magnet synchronous motor from the industry leader, Bosch that provides maximum torque from the first revolution. The quiet, low-vibration electric motor requires much less maintenance, giving your car a longer life.

Our innovative MicroFactory, the factory of the future

We already focus on sustainability also during production and our disruptive production technology and unique MicroFactory design offers a much better environmental footprint. We achieve this by removing two of the most energy intensive and polluting stages of classical production, which are the pressing and painting. And of course we also use renewable energy via the solar panels on the roof of our factory. The e.wave X is therefore manufactured in one of the most modern production facilities anywhere. Leveraging Internet of Production e.GO’s MicroFactory are a unique testament to our innovative and sustainable DNA.

e.GO Production in Micro-Factory

Automated Guided Vehicles

They move fully automatically within the production line from one station to the next, where the vehicle is assembled step by step

The Urban Movement by e.GO

e.GO is a way of life. From engaging communities and nurturing talents wherever we operate all the way to e.GO customers forming a responsible community, they want to do things differently and more responsibly, for the sake of the future; for the sake of our children. They want to champion a sustainable change. e.GO promotes not only a long life of the product but also a better use of the vehicles.


Circular Economy

Sustainable vehicle concept

Our vehicle concept is already geared towards durability in the selection of materials, such as the aluminium space frame or the polymeric outer skin. With a next-generation production concept, we can develop new models quickly and flexibly.

Superior Utilization

Its robustness and performance geared to everyday use make the e.wave X the champion of your urban mobility from day one. The option to share it with others whenever you don’t need it yourself not only allows us to maintain the number of cars in our cities to what is actually needed, but also increases the optimal use of available resources.


After ordinary vehicles reach the end of their use cycle, the e.wave X is just entering the next phase. In our renewal process, we do the impossible thanks to unique vehicle design. We can replace the outer skin with little effort and thus significantly extend the service life of our models. We can simply swap the battery to a new one without the need for an expensive and timely process. Components such as the electric drive train even have a significantly lower maintenance requirement than conventional vehicle concepts and therefore last longer than average.


After the renewal process, our models enter the next chapter of its use. For replaced components such as the battery, there is also another use - e.g. as solar storage in home use. In this way, we maximise the use of resources and sustainability from development to reuse. This is the future lifecycle sustainability.